Internet 101 MUSI nnn-nn
Course Syllabus
Fall 2013


Prefix, number, name: MUSI nnn-nn
Day and Time: TBD1:00-2:00 PM

Building and Room: BEN 251
Instructor: Charles Feilding
Office Location: Music Computer Lab (BEN 246)
Office Hours: 12.30-1.00 pm Tuesday and Thursday


Musicians face the age old quandary: “How do I get known if nobody hears me or how do I get heard if I am unknown?  This course provides a practical and theoretical overview of the techniques and software necessary to create and maintain a professional website geared for the career of an artist/musician. Properly managed a website can supply evidence that you have a following. If you combine this with proven sales or uses on iTunes/streaming sites. The secret is to know who your people are and be able to contact them easily. Strong emphasis will be placed on developing and maintaining a database driven newsletter which will allow a one to one relationship with fans and professional contacts. This will be a significant asset with which to capture the attention of a record company.  (2 credits)

  • Setting up and building a  professional looking WordPress Site.
  • Setting up a login system capturing the email addresses of fans and professional contacts
  • Creating a newsletter which you can send to your subscribers at no cost.
  • At the conclusion of this course, the student should be able to understand: HTML – the basics, Cascading Style Sheets, formatting a page, MySQL using PHPMyAdmin,creating and maintaining online databases, how to build an automated newsletter which can be maintained from a smartphone or tablet or computer.

This is a lecture/discussion course in which topics are presented by the instructor along with audio and video demonstrations. The course will be practical in nature


A 100% – 90%
B 89% – 80%
C 79% – 70%
D 69% – 60%
F Below 60%


100% class attendance is required and is critically important to your instructor and to your student colleagues. More than 1 absence will adversely affect your grade. More than 3 absences can result in you not receiving credit for the course. Tardiness is unacceptable and will also result in a lowering of your final grade. Bottom line: Attend every class in a timely manner.

Late Assignments/Make-Up Exams/Re-Submission of Work/Extra Credit
 These will be dealt with on a case by case basis as long as your instructor has notice in advance by email or telephone. Advanced students who are willing to tutor a less advanced student may qualify for extra credit.

Electronic Devices

Cell phones, MP3 players, and other personal communication or entertainment devices are to be silenced or turned off, and not used or displayed during the class period, unless exceptions are made by the instructor. Laptop computers may be used with permission of the instructor. Cell phones may be used in the event of an emergency.

Accommodating Special Needs

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Santa Fe University of Art and Design makes every effort to provide appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Students may receive these accommodations if they contact their professor and register with Emily Powell, Director Academic Advising and Resource Center: 505.473.6570.

Ethics/Academic Integrity

Students are expected to exhibit academic honesty in the completion of all course assignments, exams, and activities. Cheating, fabrication, and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Incidences of academic dishonesty will be dealt with according to the Santa Fe University of Art and Design policy on academic integrity.

Emergency Class Cancellation

If an emergency arises in which class must be cancelled, a note will be posted on the classroom door informing students of the cancellation and related information. If a cancellation notice is not posted, students are expected to remain in the classroom until dismissed by a college representative. In the event of severe weather, students should listen to local radio/television announcements for information or check the Santa Fe University of At and Designwebsite: If the college is open, students are expected to attend class.

ASSIGNMENTS/EXAMS (Subject to Change)

Quizzes: 25%
Midterm: 25%
Final Exam: 25%
Attendance: 25%

Surviving on the Internet