Lecture IV

CPanel – server side for the brave

Databases – MySQL

MySQL is an open source database that dominates the internet. There are only three things you can do to a database:

  • Add a record
  • Delete a record
  • Change a Record

The absolute standard for editing it is an open source  program called PHPMyAdmin which will be in your CPanel if you made th e right choice regarding ISP. The number of databases that are available to you may vary but for simple use only one is needed because where  you actually put the data is in Tables which are defined by you. You can correlate data between tables but not easiy between databases so you should group related functions together on one database.


Once you Open PHPMyAdmin you will see an option to create a new database. Give it a name you can recognize. When  it opens you will have the ability to add a table.



Then when you open the database you will find the option to make a new table. There is no known limit to how many tables you can have so feel free to create. Tables are just lists with columns and rows – much like a spreadsheet. Columns have headers “First_Name” “Last_Name” “email_address” etc. notice the use of underscore rather than spaces. File names and variables on the Internet cannot use spaces and usually cannot begin with a number. When you read a record from the database (a row) from a database the heading on the columns become variables and so must not use spaces or begin with numbers.



Adding Columns.  You can click on add columns and you will be presented with a page to define the columns.. These are the fields which will hold the data in your table and it can be many things – text, big numbers tiny numbers, or even a photo or a song. There are the fields that will hold your data for each record.  They will appear in the database as titles across the top.

Usually the first with be an auto_ id. Dot example if I was making a mailing list I might the the columns left to right as

1 mailist_id    Check AI  (auto increment)
2 first_name
3 last_name
4 days mail
5 address
6 city
7 state
8 country
9 active





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