ES2 Logic Manual

Tutorial 1 Oscillators Global Settings

Tutorial 2 Filters, FM and Effects

Tutorial 3 LFO, Envelopes and Modulation routers

Tutorial 4  Vector , XY, Random and Macro Controls


What I learned today

  • Vector
    • Shift click the center line to add point
    • Turn off Solo point or it will just show you  the one sound
    • The default segment  times are way to short – raise the number  to about 500 ms to hear the vector play
    • You have to set the values for X and Y on the right hand side.
  • The routing matrix
    • kicks ass but remember to raise the green triangle to hear the result
  • FM
    • To use FM set Oscillator to 11 and set Osc2 to Sine
    • Change the tuning of Osc2 to specify the ratio and set the FM amount by rotating the Osc 1 wave select towards FM.
  • Sync
    • Sets Osc1 as master and Osc 2 as slave
    • change the pitch of Osc2 to hear the result



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